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 Dancer Dates™ is a location based social network created by dancers for dancers...

Built in features help you find dance: people, places, events, and items where ever you go in the world. 

Dancer Dates™ makes it easy to locate venues, dance partners, dance teachers, dance students(clients), dance work, studios, businesses, events, classes, and accessories.Below is a full list of features...



Facebook Connect

  • Join and login using Facebook accounts, find and match Facebook friends with site members.


Detailed Personal Profiles

  • Detailed Profiles that enumerate dance styles, dance experience, proficiency, access your needs, provide your measurements for costumes design and castings, your current location and your Nationalities and Country work eligibility, your interests, appearance, culture and religion.



  • Multi-user video chat with concurrent video streaming, custom rooms and with Text formatting Capabilities.



  • Flash-based Instant Video Messenger for one-to-one communication with rich text chat.



  • Rich Text mailbox to send offline content messages and content to other site members



  • Notification system integrated displaying current activity updates to members.



  • Adobe AIR cross-platform desktop app for off-browser communication and notifications.


Friends Feeds, Timelines and Outline

  • Browse aggregated content and updates in profiles, accounts and site homepage.


World Map 

  • Browse site members and locations on the world map, with grouping and zooming. At glance view the locations of Practice Sessions, Dance Competitions, Dance Accessories for sale, Groups of People, Friends, Dance Studios, Dance Socials, Dance Events etc...
  • Navigate here link (Individual locations) - Navigate to locations by clicking on the Navigate here link on all the single item maps (events, profiles, classifieds, and groups). If you have the google maps app, your app will be opened automatically with navigation on. When on tablets or pc's a new window will open with google maps, and if the location is not in a drivable, Google will even provide flight path with a list of possible flights and prices.
  • Full screen map link (Individual locations) - clicking on this link will open a new window in Google maps pin pointing the location on the map with street views where possible. Just a lovely feature to tell you more about the destination or location. (Only site members have access to the above two features)


  • When looking to connect with friends and new people, you will get a similarity rating based on your compatibility of styles, dance proficiency, location and requirements etc.



  • Rate peoples content and profiles up to a five star rating so that content and members can be found according to popularity. Rating is more than just a "like" button.



  • A latest Dance News Section will present results of competitions, news of events, and dance couples etc.



  • Dance related articles posted by site admin. Information we may think you want to know.



  • Create and manage events, with dates, attendees, photos, updates and forums connectivity.




  • Classified ads for site members with custom categories, prices locations and photos.



  • Upload, share, manage and publish various files, documents and media for download.



  • Upload, browse and share photos. Albums, multiple upload, categories, privacy controls, and more.



  • Upload and share sound files with categories and social sharing features. Stream or Download these sounds but be aware of copyright laws, we will not take any responsibility for copyright breaches.



  • Upload, record and share videos. Built-in converter, social features, categories and privacy controls. Download these videos but be aware of copyright laws, we will not take any responsibility for any copyright breaches.



  • Publish website profiles with descriptions and autogenerated site previews.




  • Advanced discussion forums with categories, rating, moderation, auto-splitting and rich-formatting.



  • Create and manage groups, with admins, members, forums, social features, photos and other media.


Drawing Tool 

  • Flash-based social doodling with concurrent multi-user drawing support. Draw and share designs using the drawing tool and save them to your photos so you can share them with others later.


Social sharing (cross network)

  • Posts on Dancer Dates™ can be posted automatically to all your favourite social networks at the same time. Ever wanted to update all your social networks in one place...Now you can...


Social Inviter

  • Invite your friends to join you on Dancer Dates ™ from other social networks... (if it doesn't work correctly... bare with us we are ironing out some bugs)


Iphone / Android App 

  • For Smart phones from your local App Store. Search for Boonex Dolphin APP and download the APP. Once Installed enter our website location ( and your logon details. Once entered find dance resources and people around you.


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Dancer Dates is provided free of charge, however we need your suuport to maintain and continually improve Dancer Dates.

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