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Date start11.02.2021 19:30
Date end11.02.2021 20:20
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Fun 'Strictly come Dancing' style dance classes for everybody all ages and experience, its a fun atmosphere you could imagine. 
Develop agility, develop co-ordination, increase your lung capacity, increase flexibility, improve your musicality, and develop your Creative ability whilst burning fat, and gaining muscle mass, the fun energetic way to a leaner cleaner body!!! 
Learn and dance with our golden formula, that separates the best dancers and performers in the world from the rest!!!! Oii!!! (Ooze, Impulse and Impact)
It's a Party!!! Its Dance Class, and the most exciting part its for everybody!!! 
Our classes speak for their selves!!! All levels all ages welcome!!! Suitable for beginners to professionals.
Come dance like you have never danced before!!! Come alone to meet other people or come with your partner the choice is yours...
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  • Start Date - 11.02.2021 19:30 (11.02.2021)
  • End date - 11.02.2021 20:20 (11.02.2021)
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