Dancer timeline RSSDancer timeline RSS2018-06-30T23:17:43+0000<![CDATA[Dancer Dates reposted a photo]]>2018-06-30T23:17:43+0000<![CDATA[Dancer Dates reposted a photo]]>2018-06-30T23:17:00+0000<![CDATA[Dancer Dates reposted a photo]]>2018-06-30T23:16:02+0000<![CDATA[Dancer Dates added new video]]>A film by ALINA DIANOVA-SICILIANO. Produced by MISHA LEVINTAS and VERONICA BERTI. Follow LOLA ASTANOVA as she journeys to ANDREA BOCELLI's Theatre of Silence...

<![CDATA[Dancer Dates is now friends with Yulia]]>2017-12-11T01:42:54+0000<![CDATA[Dancer Dates added new video]]>Directed and Produced by Lauren Adams Featuring Daniella Karagach & Pasha Pashkov Cinematography by Kenny Wormald Additional Camera by Matt Luck & Nick Seria...

<![CDATA[Dancer Dates added 2 new videos to album]]>2017-07-30T22:36:00+0000<![CDATA[Dancer Dates added new video]]>see Join the Social Network For Dance and Entertaintment

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