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World Map

Click for a world map showing the locations of all people, events, groups and classified adverts. One unified view on everything, making it easy to access to everything.


Drawing Tool

Click for our built in drawing tool where you can meet with others share designs and even send them to people. This is particularly useful for the tailors, dressmakers and designers. (Available on Flash capable devices only)


Chat Rooms

Click for a place where you and your friends, colleagues or associates can share ideas around a topic and communicate in realtime and live. Start chatting, video conference share ideas, create chatrooms around topics, debate live like a never ending online dance congresses... (Available Flash capable devices only)


Internet Radio

Click to listen to live radio stations around the world. Where better to find that song you looking for then on the playlist of an international radio station. Listen to radio stations of all genres across the globe and find that special song, maybe even that authentically cuban or classical song, whatever your heart desires, you may find it in the country of origin on their local radio station... and you can hear it from wherever you are in the world... right here... (Available on Flash capable devices only)